Flowers name in Odia

Flowers name in Odia with Images

Odia is a language spoken in Udishah, a state of India. Odia is also spelled in Oriya. In this post, you will learn the Flowers name in Odia. Here they are given along with a photo of each flower, which makes it easy to understand.

In addition, a chart of common flowers is provided, with flower names in both English and Odia.

Common Flowers Name in Odia
Common Flowers in Odia

 List of 25 Flowers names in Odia

Here is a list of flowers with names and photos in English and Odia. If you are interested in learning about flowers in Hindi, then you can also read here.

Sr. NoName in EnglishFlowers Name in AssameseFlowers Image
1. Arabian Jasmineଜୁହି ମହ୍ଲିArabian Jasmine
2.Blue Water LilyକଇଁBlue Water Lily
3.Amaranth ଅପରାଜିତାAmaranth
4.Marigoldଗେଣ୍ଡୁMarigold flower
6.Roseଗୋଲାପred rose
ମନ୍ଦାର ଫୁଲ
10.Crown FlowerପାଣିCrown
11.Aloe VeraଘିକୁଆଁରୀAloe Vera Flower
12Mexican Tuberoseରଜନୀଗନ୍ଧାMexican Tuberose
13.Glory Lillyଲହଲାଙ୍ଗଳୀGlory Lily flower
ଶାତ କୁମ୍ଭ,
ସ୍ବଳ୍ପ କେଶରୀ,
ତାମ୍ର ପୁଷ୍ପ
15.Spanish CherryବଉଳSpanish Cherry
16.Golden Fangpaniଚମ୍ପାGolden-Frangipani-flower
17.RED FRANGIPANIକାଠଚମ୍ପାGolden-Frangipani-flower
18.PEACOCK FLOWERକୃଷ୍ନଚୁଡା,
Peacock flower
19.Cock’s combଇସ୍ୱରକଟାCockscomb
20.Delonix Regiaକୃଷ୍ଣଚୂଡ଼ାDelonix Regia
21.Yellow OleanderକନିଅରYellow Oleander
23.Screw pineକେତକୀ
24.Chinese boxକାମିନୀ
Flowers Name in Odia

Here we have given a list of almost all common flowers in English and Odia and attached their pictures.

Video Guide

Here you can watch the video about flowers name in Odia and learn how to pronounce them.

Flowers name in odia and English


As you have learned above, the list of flowers is in Odia. Here you can also read the names of flowers in different languages, ​​which will make it easier for you to remember these names. Here are the names of flowers in Gujarati, Urdu, Marathi etc., listed in different languages. You can let us know your opinion by commenting or contacting us. We will try our best to consider your suggestion.


Five Common flowers are: ଚମ୍ପା, କରବିର, ଘିକୁଆଁରୀ, ସୂର୍ଯ୍ୟମୁଖୀ, ଗୋଲାପ.

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