Flowers Name in Assamese

20+ Flowers Name in Assamese with Images

Assamese is a language spoken in Assam, which is a state in India. If you want to learn the flowers name in Assamese, a list of different flowers is provided here.

If you want to read the common flowers name in Assamese, then a flower chart is given below.

Common Flowers Name in assamese
Common Flowers Name in Assamese

Flowers are nature’s perfume, captivating and inspiring us in profound ways. flowers smell also hold a special place in our life memories.

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List of Flowers name in Assamese

Sr. NoName in EnglishFlowers Name in AssameseFlowers Image
1. Arabian Jasmineতগৰ ফুলArabian Jasmine
2.Blue Water Lilyনীলপদ্মBlue Water Lily
3.Buttercups নাৰ্জীButtercup
4.China Rose জবা ফুলChina Rose
5.Cobra Saffronনাহৰ ফুলCobra Saffron
7.Cypress Vineকুঞ্জ লতাCypress Vine
9.Dahliaডালিয়াDahlia Flower
11.Creeper অমৰ লতাCreeper Flower
12.Flowering JasmineখৰিকাজাইFlowering Jasmine
13.Four O’clockগধুলি গোপালFour O'clock
14.Frangipaniচম্পা ফুলWhite Frangipani
15.Globe Amaranth বুটাম ফুলAmaranth
16.Marigold in assameseনাৰ্জী ফুলMarigold flower
17.Night Flowering Jasmineশেৱালী ফুলNight Flowering Jasmine
18.Petuniaঅপৰাজিতা ফুলPetunia
19.Lotusপদুম ফুলLotus
20.Rhynchostylis Retusaকপৌ ফুলRhynchostylis retusa
21.Datura metelধতুৰা ফুলDatura metel
22.Roseগোপাল ফুলred rose
24.Jasmineমালতী ফুলjasmine
25.Sunflowerসূৰ্য্যমূখী ফুলSunflower
Flowers Name in Assamese


The sunflower is the most common flower in the world. In the Assamese language, it is written as “সূৰ্য্যমূখী ফুল” and spoken as suraj mukhi or beliphul Suraj. Sunflower belongs to the genus of herbaceous plants.

Jasmine flower in assamese

Jasmine flowers belong to the genus of shrubs and vines. Jasmine in assamese language is known as Jasmin phool and written as “মালতী ফুল”.


Roses are one of the flowers that make the best gifts for loved ones. Rose in Assamese is written as “গোপাল ফুল” spoken as “golappa”.

Video for Flowers in Assamese

If you want to watch the video about how to call the flowers in Assamese, then click on the play button. This video include all the popular Assam flowers name.

Flowers name in Assamese


In the above list, I cover almost all the most common flowers. If you have any suggestions, write them in the comment section. If you want to read more about Flowers or flowers names in Hindi and other languages like Sanskrit, Marathi, Kannada, Arabic etc., then Click Here.

The most common flowers name in assamese are: নাৰ্জী, ডালিয়া, জবা, পদুম ফুল, খৰিকাজাই

In assamese Language Rose is written as “গোপাল ফুল”.

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