Flowers name in Arabic

Flowers name in Arabic and English with Images [40+]

In this fast-paced world, Flowers serve as a reminder to pause and reconnect with nature. It reminds us of the beauty that surrounds us and the importance of love in every moment of life.

If you are interested in learning the flower’s name in Arabic, then this article covers almost all the common flowers in Arabic and English.

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In Arabic, the flowers are written as “زَهْر” and its plural is “زُهور” which is pronounced as zahr or zahuur. Flower’s name are used in daily life, if you are a learner or reader of the Arabic language, then it is most important to learn flower names in Arabic.

Flowers Chart in Arabic and English

Here is a chart available of the 10 most common flowers name in Arabic and English, with images. This chart will help you easily find common flowers in Arabic and English.

Chart of Flowers Name in Arabic
Chart of Flowers Name in Arabic

If you want to learn multiple flowers name then details are given below in this article.

List of 40+ Flowers name in Arabic

Here is the list in Arabic and English, and an image of each flower is also attached. Hopefully, this list will help you increase your vocabulary in the Arabic language.

Sr. NoName in EnglishFlowers Name in ArabicFlowers Image
1. Arabian Jasmineالياسمين العربيArabian Jasmine
2.Butterfly Peaفراشة البازلاءButterfly Pea
3.Bluebellsياقتية الكرمbluebell flower
4.Lilyالزَّنْبَق Lily
6.Water Lilyالزنبق المائيBlue Water Lily
8.Buttercups حودانButtercup
10.China Rose روز الصينChina Rose
11.Cobra Saffronكوبرا زعفرانCobra Saffron
14.Crape Jasmineكريب الياسمينCrape Jasmine
15.Cypress Vineكرمة السروCypress Vine
18.DahliaالدالياDahlia Flower
20.Creeper الزاحفCreeper Flower
21.Indian tulipالزنبق الهنديIndian Tulip
22.Anemoneشقائق النعمانAnemone Flower
24.Red lotusاللوتس الأحمرLotus
25.Tulipزَهْرَةُ الخُزامى / التّوليبTulip
26.MurrayaمراياMurraya flower
27.MarigoldالقطيفةMarigold flower
28.MyrtleالآسCommon Crape Myrtle
29.Night Flowering Jasmineياسمين الليلNight Flowering Jasmine
32.OrchidالأُوركيدOrchid flower
34.Primroseزَهْرَةُ الرَّبيعPrimrose Flower
35.Lotusاللّوتُس / زَهْرَةُ النَّيْلوفَرLotus
36.Roseوَردَةred rose
38.Poppyخشخاشpoppy flower
39.Milkweedحشيشة اللبنScarlet Milkweed
41.Sunflowerعَبّادُ الشَّمْسSunflower
Flowers Name in Arabic

Hopefully, you will be satisfied with the above list.

Flowers Pronunciation in Arabic

Some people face problems with the pronunciation of the Arabic language. Here are some flower details and how they are pronounced in Arabic.

Rose in the Arabic Language is written as “وَردَة” pronounced “Warda”. Its plural is “وَردَ” pronounced “ward”.

Flower Hibiscus is pronounced “Khitmiy” and written as “خِطْمِيّ” in Arabic. Lotus is pronounced “Al-luutus” (اللّوتُس).

Video Guide

Here you have a short video to learn how to call these flowers in Arabic and English as well. So click on the play button, if you want to watch the video. This video helps you to the easy pronunciation of flowers in Arabic.

Flowers name in Arabic


Our team try our best to you about the flower’s name in Arabic. If you have any questions write in the comments. If you want to read the flower’s name in Hindi, Marathi, Urdu, Punjabi etc then you can explore this blog further. Here we provide the flower’s name in different languages of the world.

In Arabic the flower is written as “زَهْر” and its plural is “زُهور”.

Flower in Arabic is pronounced as “zahr” (زَهْر).

The most Common Quotes about flowers are “Every flower is a soul blossoming in nature.” “Every flower blooms in its own time.” “Live Simply Bloom widely.”

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