Wazifa For Marriage – Jaldi Shadi Ka Wazifa

What is Wazifa?

Wazifa is a way some people in Islam use special verses from the Quran or prayers to ask for help and guidance from Allah. It’s important to do this sincerely and with faith.

Wazifa For Marriage

If you want a wazifa to help with getting married soon, you can try the following:

Surah Al-Ikhlas Wazifa:
  • Recite Surah Al-Ikhlas (Chapter 112 of the Quran) 1000 times daily.
  • Say a prayer for a speedy and prosperous marriage.
Ayat-ul-Kursi Wazifa:
  • Recite Ayat-ul-Kursi (Surah Al-Baqarah, 2:255) 313 times daily.
  • Ask Allah for a quick and blessed marriage.
Dua for Marriage:
  • Recite the following dua regularly: “Rabbi inni lima anzalta ilayya min khayrin faqeer” (Surah Al-Qasas, 28:24).
  • The Translation of this dua is as following. “My Lord, indeed I am, for whatever good You would send down to me, in need.”
Recitation of Surah Ar-Rahman:
  • Recite Surah Ar-Rahman (Chapter 55 of the Quran) regularly.
  • Pray for Allah’s mercy and blessings on your marriage.
  • Get up in the late part of the night to pray Tahajjud.
  • Pray sincerely and seek Allah’s help to find the right life partner.


When you do these prayers, do them sincerely and patiently. Also, take real steps to find the right partner and trust that Allah knows the right time. Ask for advice from wise people, like an Imam or a religious scholar, who can help you based on your situation. Always trust Allah and believe that He knows what’s best for you.

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